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If you hire a professional astrologer on the net, you will be spending a good bit of cash. Some of these people have read literally hundreds of natal charts a year for the past 20 years so they know what all the aspects mean in the same way you know what your office looks like. But some may be crazy and charge you too much for questionable readings.

Or they may take a lot longer to give the same quality reading a year veteran in the field can do in one hour. Ideally, if your prospective astrologer is a little strange and comes across as untrustworthy, you want to find that out before you hire them. How do you do that? You can do a simple internet search. Surf around and read their blogs and articles, if they have any. I also found some articles by people who made me wonder if they might have been smoking something.

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If you're uncomfortable being read by someone you deem untrustworthy, skip that professional and move on. As you surf around the net, reading what different astrologers write, make sure to concentrate on your specific issue.

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For example, Google something like "the astrology of relationship triangles" or "heartbreak astrology", see what comes up, and go from there. When you find someone who seems to "get" your issue and whose style you like, that's a person you might consider hiring. Generally, any article they write will point you to their website, which should tell you how to hire them, how payment arrangements are handled, and how much they charge. It's not to say that untrustworthy and fake astrology websites have a lot of stars, pentagons, and flying unicorns definitely mean that an astrologer can't really read your astrological chart.

However, wouldn't you rather feel safer with someone whose website is more professional and business-like?

2. Prepare your accurate birth time, date, and place.

I know, I do. Anyone who's trained under someone well known is generally a good bet. If your community is large enough, you may have a New Age bookstore. Go there and browse the astrology section. Note down the names of those authors. Anybody who mentions training under these people is probably a good bet. Pick up some of the books and leaf through them. If the writing style is accessible to you, they're writing about something you care about, and you find that the writing draws you in, explains something interesting to you, and makes you want to know more in just a few pages, jot down that person's name and look up their website.

This may be someone you want to hire. Before you hire anyone, make sure the person is not biased in any way about your issue. I originally consulted an astrologer for my involvement in a love triangle with a married man and was told that the person was "in my yod" and the relationship would never work.

As I began to study and learn astrology myself, I saw the aspects for that date and began suspecting that I would actually hear from my married man again at that time. When I hired Alice, she looked at our astro charts and said the same thing.

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This was exactly what happened. In class, my teacher and my more experienced classmates pulled my charts up and found more aspects than I had, indicating that this would happen.

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Astrologer Number One looked at all the same data but told me something wildly different. I lurked on her comments there and discovered why I had been so badly misled: This person had a married man experience in her 20's and wrote that she was very prejudiced against this situation and hated reading charts if an affair was involved!

Keep this in mind, and, like a trial lawyer, dismiss your prospective astrologer from the jury if you ask and discover that the person isn't happy or comfortable reading your situation. Medical astrology is a branch of Western astrology, although Chinese and Vedics may also specialize in medical questions. Vedic astrologers place great emphasis on practical remedies , such as meditation , gemstones , mantras , and other lifestyle regimens.

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Remedies such as these are said to solve problems caused by past karma and help the person build a better future. Though Vedic astrology is often considered predictive, the roles of karma, free will, and fate are crucial and indelibly intertwined in Vedic astrology. The horoscope reveals your karmic status up to the moment of your birth.

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From birth, your attitudes, behaviors, and choices modify your karma and fate, for better or worse. Vedic astrology only predicts what might happen if you don't act consciously to modify your fate.

Free Vedic Birth Chart Analysis by Date of Birth

Although there are many differences, the Vedic and Western traditions have existed for thousands of years, each deals with the relationship between the celestial bodies and human beings, and each represents an entirely valid system of astrology. Vedic astrology uses the sidereal zodiac. Western astrology uses the tropical zodiac. Because of the precession of the equinoxes , the sidereal zodiac changes each year slightly.

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Currently, the difference between the two is about 24 degrees. Thus, all the planets in a Vedic horoscope are presently about 24 zodiacal degrees earlier than they would be in a Western horoscope. The Western and Vedic charts look very different. The Western chart has a round shape, and the Vedic chart is square. Western astrologers use all the major planets including Uranus , Neptune , and Pluto.

Vedic astrologers, on the other hand, stick to the visible planets, i. There are also other differences between the charts of modern Western astrology and Vedic astrology. The astrology practiced by most modern Western astrologers emphasizes the psychological nature of the individual and the developmental stages of life and is not as specific about predictions.

Vedic astrology is more focused on a person's karmic tendencies, when these tendencies are likely to manifest, predicting the exact time that events are most likely to take place, and with prescribing remedial actions the client can take to have the best outcome.