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Native with Libra Ascendant will have the qualities of Venus. Dev Kaushik is an expert in Vedic Astrology with over 30 Years experience in relationship.
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You know how to handle emotions — yours and others — and to live harmoniously with those around you. Issues related to foreign countries will play a positive role in your life and you may even get married abroad or to someone from another country. You have a very artistic nature and are kind, friendly and sensitive.

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Your home is your refuge and you like spending time there and entertaining your loved ones, as you are a very good host. You will make many sacrifices for your friends but will also become vengeful when they annoy you. You have great career ambitions but feel disempowered when you do not receive support.

You have a rare artistic nature and love beauty, luxury and philanthropy. You enjoy interacting with others and meeting new people and you can easily make friends, as you exude a charm and natural nobility.

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You love money — for the security it offers —and enjoy spending it to make your life and the lives of all those who suffer better. You have stable goals and values that do not change with the passage of time. You enjoy working and perform your professional duties with joy. You have many friends, mostly lifelong ones. You are very attractive and charm everyone who meets you. You are open to new experiences and, although you are busy with many things, are ready to abandon everything when you find your great love.

You will do everything to live harmoniously and plentifully with your partner. You must also consider your own needs, choosing a job that will satisfy you financially without threatening your relationship.

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You have a pleasant personality that makes you very popular and you enjoy communicating with the people around you. Love is very important for you and your interest does not diminish with the passing of the years. Maritime professions will bring you financial benefits. You have an irresistible charm and rare communication skills. As a result, you have a wide circle of friends with whom you share your artistic and creative interests.

You are honest and trustworthy but often depressed for no reason. During your life, you will collaborate with people who travel or will travel a lot yourself. Your earnings will come through a profession as an agent. You are a very balanced person, have a strong will and are decisive.

You have set yourself high goals and your actions are always guided by common sense. It is very important for you to have a romantic or business partner in order to share responsibilities with but also to support you, as there will be many times when you lose your self-confidence.

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You have a strong desire to communicate on many levels, primarily the emotional level. You seek balance, harmony and peace. Your affability, kindness and diplomacy open many doors for your success and personal validation. You must learn how to maintain your self-control and avoid outbursts and becoming irritable. Libra needs to develop the quality of initiative, force and impulse when necessary.

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Partnerships tend to be with independent, self-willed types, or with partners that somehow help the native express their individuality and personal impulses. The Sun is the Gold in the Scale. The Sun, as the 11th lord, is what the Libra native desires to gain in this life. As the 11th lord, the Sun is a temporal malefic and indicates those desires the native thinks he is in most need of fulfilling and which he may pursue to the exclusion of all else. Ultimately what they hope to gain is the self, but first they must trample through a world of desires. As a natural malefic, the Sun may separate the native from the areas it affects due to other more desirable goals.

The Moon is the Bazaar. The Moon, as the 10th lord, inclines the Libra native towards a career that is somehow of social benefit. The Moon also gives a changeable profession that has the flexibility to change as the times and needs change. The career life is generally comforting to the native, although, if the Moon is afflicted it may indicate imbalances in their work, burn out, workaholic, etc. As an angular lord, the Moon is temporally neutral and other factors influencing the Moon will determine the manner in which the native fulfills their career objectives. As a natural benefic, the bright Moon is a performer of good karmas that allows for the flowering of those areas it influences.

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  • Mars, as the 2nd and 7th lord, inclines the Libra native to be possessive of their partners, but not necessarily in a negative way, and the linkage of the 2nd and 7th houses is good for marriage. Mars gives passionate tastes and shows that wealth may come from partnerships or after marriage. In any case, Mars inclines the native towards productive partnerships, whether romantic or business in origin. Mercury is the priceless, exotic and rare items the Merchant has for sale. Mercury, as the 9th and 12th lord, indicates spiritual knowledge and practical faith that understands the benefits of surrender when necessary.

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    Bestows native with good amount of paternal maternal properties, beautiful, well cultured spouse and children. Native will be having religiously oriented mind, will take pride in helping and protecting others. Native will be good in communication skills and oratory. Bestows one with excellent professional success and achievements along with accolades and acumen. Native will be blessed with material gains, properties, vehicle, good status. Makes native good scholar, learned and well established in life with good wife and children.

    This is also a good position for ascendant lord to occupy. Native receives name fame and honors in due course of life. Native will be good at finances and in terms of wealth and prosperity. Gains in business or commercial trade can be predicted. Overall it is a good position if rest of the factors too supporting. Native with lagna lord in 12 th house is having good public presence and is dedicated towards social and public welfare. Native is emotionally and mentally balanced. Description of man and woman character and attributes are influenced by the various factors such as planet occupying the ascendant, aspect of planets on ascendant, their strength etc.

    Libra Ascendant Ascendant Saga. Traits of Libra Ascendant Female and Man The Libra ascendant or Libra rising native will have medium sized physique and moderate in looks, proportionally broad face and chest yet light , nice and finely structured eyes. They have fair ,bright and clear complexion. They generally appear to be youthful in spite of what age they have.

    Feels strong in day as compared to night. Excitement lover, adventurous, strong intuitive brain, self reliant and self dependent.